Intelligent development for attendance and departure systems.

HAYEL: Healthy Attendance Yield Eliminate Loses

We are one of the business leaders in the field of software and we have a business precedent that can be found through the link:

We offer you the smart solution for the attendance and departure system that exceeds the defects in fingerprint, cards and facial analysis and is characterized by speed and safety on the part of the employee and the management side.


We use an advanced technology to confirm a trusted authentication for the employees than the paper work, fingerprint machine and others, due to intellectual property for the product If you are interested to upgrade the technology you have for the employees management system starting with the core process of the attendance and departure systems, call us the technology is here.

HAYEL advantages

  • Staff safety from infection during fingerprints, face analysis areas or during   congestion on the fingerprint machine.
  • The speed of the attendance and leave process.
  •  The impossibility of manipulation, as happens in the fingerprint and cards.
  • The employee accesses his performance during the month in detail, including other   events.
  • The employee's knowledge of the public and private announcements in the company through notification.
  • The employee can request permission or leave through the App.
  • Internal features that combine the team and the manager. (Configurable workplace).
  • The ability of the HR and the management to monitor and manage employee data   and requests and inform employees with announcements through the Web and the Mobile App.
  • The administration's ability to define specific plans based on the presentation of   information on all workers such as food plans, expansion plans, or alert and occupational safety plans. (Configurable strategy).
  • The ability to manage from extracting reports Excel / PDF to calculate payroll and   others. (Configurable ERP).

Security approach:

  • GPS Geolocation.
  • Get Phone ID method.
  • Wi-Fi geofencing.

We seek a secure presence of all employees and transfer all paper processes to the cloud for a safer and smarter management.

All our systems are configurable and upgrading as per the company's needs.

Some spend there days tethering to there inboxes and smartphones; and they stubbornly continue to perform tasks that a machine could do for them-GoCloud