ERP System


( Go Cloud ERP System ) An integrated program that includes all the data of the purchasing department, inventory and sales management and the associated accounting and financial activities, and linking all this with the company's accounting guide and settlement of accounts

Program Components:


- Record the data of the types and types ofitems and data of origin and tax data.

-using the barcode.

-Record minimum and maximum data and demandfor items.

-Recording the profit margin of the items.

-Working on the validity date according tothe nature of each category.

-Serial Number according to the nature ofeach category.

- Define exchange policies and costpolicy for inventory.

-Record suppliers and manufacturers data.

-Purchase invoices

-Purchase orders

-Registration of different volumes of itemsand conversion between different units.

- Record the warehouse data and thenature of the stock in each store.

-The system of direct sales as well as salessystem customers (term).

-Conversion between different stores.

-Stock inventory movements.

-Inventory adjustments.

-Item card.

-Inventory control card.

- Supplier account statement.

-Client Disclosure.

-Supplier Review Balance.

-Customer Review Balance.

-A wide range of reports that meet allcustomer needs.

-Determine the specific powers of each useron the program on more than one level allows the company full control andflexibility and continuous follow-up of the program and the activity of thecompany